April 29, 2014 Christian Leask

Athens Twilight 1/2 Criterium – Another Podium for the Team!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day of racing for the Athens Twilight amateur races this past Saturday.  Sunny skies and 80 degrees was the forecast for our noon start time (we were sure to have plenty of Clif Electrolyte Hydration on hand!).  LITESPEED-BMW had 7 riders on hand for the race – Dave Gearhart, Hank Beaver, Colby Millen, Brady Rogers, Wes Parrish, Clay Parks, and Charles “The Chaz” Rossignol.

The team decided that we would work to get Dave in a break away that would hopefully make it to the finish, but if the race were to come down to a sprint it would be all hands on deck for our sprinter Hank.  The race started out fast and furious!  There were multiple attacks on each of the first few laps, but nothing was getting too far up the road before coming back.  Dave kept a watchful eye at the front, waiting for the right combination of riders to make a move.  The young Hot Tubes riders were particularly active, but were never allowed too much freedom.  Brady and Chaz worked hard to keep things together for most of the race.

With about 5 laps to go it was pretty evident the race would come down to a field sprint, so the guys started to move to the front and keep the pace high to discourage any attacks.  As they came through the start/finish with 4 to go, Colby attacked to force other teams to chase.  After he was caught, Clay, Brady, and Dave led the field with Hank on their wheel for the next 3.5 laps.  Through the last two turns there were a handful of lead changes, rider contact, and some handlebar rubbing.  While Hank lost the draft from the LITESPEED-BMW leadout train for the win, Dave was able to hold on for 3rd.  Hank came in right behind in 5th. Overall a great day for the team!

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