May 8, 2014 Christian Leask

Gainesville Gran Prix Circuit Race – First Win of 2014!

Chris Chotas and Brady Rogers flew the Litespeed-BMW flag at the 2014 Gainesville Gran Prix Circuit Race on a cold, rainy, and windy spring afternoon in Clermont, GA, just outside of Gainesville.  With a relatively small field, nasty conditions, and a difficult course, it was determined early on that aggression would probably pay dividends (and with former Masters World Champion on the track, Steve Carrell, in the field, it was also a given that we didn’t want a field sprint).

On the first lap, Chris tested the field with an attack on the stair-step climb on backside of the course, quickly putting daylight between himself and the field.  After the crest of the climb, four riders were able to latch on and the group of five quickly began rotating to build an advantage over the field.  Once the proverbial elastic had snapped, the gap grew quickly; and within a few minutes, it became apparent that this was the move of the day.  Brady shut down the field behind, following any attacks that attempted to bridge, while Chris helped to keep things fast at the front of the race.

Not liking his chances in a sprint, Chris attacked again on the last lap…on the same pitch that created the breakaway a few laps earlier, and again got a gap.  One rider, Dan Busch of Beck Cycling, was able to respond, which left only two at the front of the race with about a mile remaining.  Chris then forced Dan to lead out the sprint, and he was able to come around for Litespeed-BMW’s first win of the 2014 road season.


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