June 19, 2014 Christian Leask

LITESPEED-BMW takes the GA State Crit for the 2nd Year in a row!

Normally when the gun goes off in a race the only sounds one hears is the familiar snap of clipless pedals and clicking of the gears as racers sprint for the hole shot. On this particular day there was another sound, it could only be identified by witnesses as the sound of concrete screaming as the LITESPEED-BMW boys were ripping its face off.  It was a barrage of machine gun fire as the team launched attacks.  The other riders had no option than to chase us down and pray they landed into the correct move.  John Atkins was very aggressive, chasing down prime after prime and trying to get away himself.  But the boys did a bang up job of keeping him in check.  After countless attacks by the guys a small break got up the road and Jordan made the effort to bridge up with another rider from the field. Shortly after making the connection that move fell apart.

A couple laps later a five man shot from the field like a canon, led by none other than LITESPEED-BMW’s own Garey Gomez.  Other strong men in that move were Frank Marrs, Oliver Flautt, Artur Sagat and Fletcher Lydick.  Once established Jordan launched out of the field with another rider and in just over a lap joined forces with his teammate up the road.  Boom….that was all she wrote for the rest of the peloton.  The lack of organization from the other teams meant the jersey was up the road.  And the LITESPEED-BMW boys were shooting moves down like they were sitting ducks.  With Garey riding like ten men, driving the break, the riders had committed to lapping the field.

After twenty minutes the break had made it around to the back of the field.  By the time Jordan and Garey made it to the front the “Brew” train had already assembled.  It was a mix of black and blue at the front of the field lining the race out. It stayed that way until five to go.  Textbook crit racing.  At that time the North Georgia team had started to assemble to the right of our train, planning on jumping us last minute. We were ready.  Now one to go…. the racers started to swarm the front, muscles twitching, everyone nervous, game time.  Legend has it the boys on the team are built from steel and forged from iron by none other than Vulcan himself.  Neither confirming nor denying the myth no faltering occurred as other racers tried to rock the very foundation of that lead out train.  With half a lap to go John Atkins went hard up the left side, Dave treated that move as a crazy ex girlfriend making a surprise visit and slammed the door shut in its face.  Simultaneously the North Georgia boys went up the right and with Jordan in tow Hank locked onto them like a fighter pilot switching to missiles.  Just before corner three Jordan leapt out of the field and dove hard, North Georgia had left too much room on the inside.  Taking the hot line, he was able to gain the lead, dove hard into corner four, turned on the afterburners and held it to the line.  LITESPEED-BMW had just won another Georgia State Championship Criterium Jersey.

Big thanks to all the guys on the team as it truly was a team effort.  Also a shout out to all of our amazing sponsors as it would not be possible without them: Litespeed Bicycles, BMW automobiles, Guinness Beer, Georgia Natural Gas, Rudy Project, The Marlay House, All 3 Sports and all others!

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